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Top 4 Reasons Why You Need A Crypto Lawyer & How To Get One

Crypto lawyers are people who specialize in laws related to cryptocurrency deals. The crypto laws differ from regular laws, so a lawyer specializing in cryptocurrency is better to handle your legal proceedings. This article will guide you on the why’s and how’s of hiring a crypto lawyer.  Cryptocurrency is a new investment hype that people […]

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Crypto transactions must be reported in Russia, failure could be a criminal offense

Crypto transactions in Russia that are not reported could constitute a criminal offense per proposal drafted by the Ministry of finance Drafts of several amendments propose severe penalties, including the hard labor Ministry of Finance plans to discuss this proposal with relevant ministries, but the ones that are known for supporting the crypto industry were […]

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Backtest your Trading Strategies with Bitfinex Terminal & Honey Framework

The Honey Framework provides easy ways to create and backtest trading strategies. Today we are taking a look at how you can backtest your trading strategies with Bitfinex Terminal data and Node.js. Bitfinex Terminal was released with the needs of algo traders in mind –…

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Not Ethereum, Polkastarter, the DEX Protocol Will Launch on Polkadot

Since gaining prominence in recent times, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been marauded with some sort of technical problem especially as it utilizes Ethereum blockchain that only does about 25-40 transactions per second. Most, if not all current DeFi aggregators and DEX platforms are built atop the Ethereum blockchain, it’s easier to deploy contracts on the Ethereum blockchain than in any known blockchain and it’s quite cheap to do too.  However this comes with a cost, […]

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Bull Case: Analyst Explains How Uniswap’s UNI Could Surge 34%

The latest rebound in the UNI market has raised its expectations of extending its bullish move by at least 34 percent. So says a pseudonymous analyst whose recent predictions for the newly-launched decentralized finance (DeFi) token have come accurate. The chartist in his Thursday tweet adjusted UNI/USD’s upside target to $6.43. The pair was trading […]

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Forex Scalper Course

Ultimate Scalping Forex Course

The Ultimate Scalping Forex Course is a great place to go from limited Forex knowledge to a trader equipped for achieving success.  The course provides

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Crypto Tax Time

Hey there If your anything like me Paul Crypto, tax time can be the most the painful experience. They have solutions for Canadians as well

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