The Fall of Bitcoin’s Worst Enemy Could Cause Crypto to Collapse

Today, big banks across the globe begin revealing quarterly revenue results that could send the stock market tumbling. And given Bitcoin’s continued correlation with the stock market, a devastating blow to the asset’s worst enemy may also drag crypto down with it. Bitcoin Prepares for Next Battle In Ongoing War With Its Worst Enemy Bitcoin is the first of its kind cryptocurrency that sparked the creation of an entire industry and financial market, with thousands […]

Last Time This On-Chain Signal Appeared, Bitcoin Rallied 30% in 2 Months

After a rally from $3,700 to $10,000 in a matter of months, Bitcoin’s upward trend has paused over recent weeks. BTC’s inability to continue to surge higher has left some expecting downside. Prominent gold proponent Peter Schiff recently wrote on Twitter that he expects Bitcoin to break the $9,000 support. Schiff added that he still thinks the cryptocurrency is embroiled in a bear market. Others have argued that Bitcoin failing to surmount the $10,000 resistance […]

Troubles for Bitcoin as Goldman Issues Serious Stock Market Warning

Bitcoin price wavered on Tuesday as traders awaited second-quarter earnings from the most prominent American banks. The reports expect to provide more details about the status of the US economy, which may indirectly impact the Bitcoin market. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs noted that it expects S&P 500 earnings per share to plummet by 60 percent in […]

The Same Trader Who Predicted Bitcoin’s $3k Bottom Is Now Bearish

Most investors have no idea which way Bitcoin will trend. Take the funding rate of BTC futures markets, which are flip-flopping between slightly positive and slightly negative as the consolidation drags on. The chart seen below shows this trend. A trader that predicted Bitcoin would bottom at $3,200 months before it did in 2018, though, recently shared bearish sentiment. He shared an analysis predicting that BTC is likely prone to fall to the low-$8,000s for […]

Bitcoin Can Attract Large Capital Inflows on Short Notice: Research

Bitcoin is at the cusp of attracting large capital inflows from the neighboring stablecoin market, according to a weekly research note published by Glassnode. The on-chain market analyst highlighted that the net supply of dollar-pegged tokens surged higher than Bitcoin. It concluded that more money held in stablecoins increases the chances for Bitcoin to start a new price rally on short notice. Bitcoin expects to attract a massive inflow of capital in a potential mass-migration […]

A Weaker US Dollar Prediction Offsets Bitcoin Bearish Bias for Q3/2020

Bitcoin eyes a significant plunge entering further into the third quarter as S&P 500 stocks unveil a 45 percent drop in quarterly profits. The correlation between the cryptocurrency and the US benchmark index last week hit a record high. Nevertheless, both the risk-on markets may limit their downside move on a weakening US dollar outlook. Analysts have warned that the greenback could plunge in the coming months. Bitcoin’s short-term outlook for the third quarter is […]

Max Keiser: Bitcoin’s Rising Hash Rate Shows Confidence in Fiat is “Collapsing”

Bitcoin’s recent mining rewards halving that took place just a couple of months ago went off without a hitch and has had a negligible adverse impact on the dynamics seen amongst the cryptocurrency’s miners. This comes despite what many analysts had previously believed, as some had been calling for an imminent “hash rate death spiral” […]

Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Just Hit a High — Max Keiser Thinks Price Will Follow

Despite stagnation in the Bitcoin market, the hash rate of the leading cryptocurrency has grown stronger and stronger. The hash rate is the measure of the computational power being allocated to mine BTC blocks. As noted by CoinCorner’s Matt Ward, data shows that the hash rate just hit a new all-time high on July 13th. The measure hit 147.88 exahashes per second, which is double that seen a year ago and over 10 times higher […]