What Does The Dollar’s Do Or Die Moment Say About Bitcoin?

The dollar has been on a steady decline since the pandemic first struck. Weakness in the global reserve currency has allowed gold, Bitcoin, and other assets to shine. However, either a major rebound is beginning, or the dollar is about to experience another massive drop. The asset is clearly at a ‘do or die’ moment, […]

Bitcoin May Crater to Key Liquidity Region Before Breaking $12,000

Bitcoin has been stuck below $12,000 for the past couple of weeks, with the intense selling pressure here slowing the momentum that it built since late-July. Each attempt to break above this price region has resulted in the crypto facing a strong rejection that leads its price down towards its support at $11,200. This level […]

This Chainlink (LINK) Fractal Suggests a Major Pullback Is Imminent

Chainlink has been caught in the throes of an insane uptrend over the past couple of years. Due to a slew of announcements, integrations, and other pieces of good news regularly surrounding the project, the cryptocurrency has been able to defy the market-wide downtrend seen throughout 2019. This extreme bullishness has carried over into 2020, […]

XRP: Why A Weekly Close Below 25 Cents Could Spark A Strong Reversal

After reaching above 30 cents last week, XRP has taken a step back to make a decision on where it wants to head next. A textbook doji closed on the weekly, reflecting indecision in the altcoin. According to a candlestick pattern potentially forming on the weekly following the doji, a fall below 25 cents will […]

When Will the Correction End for XRP?

The XRP price has been decreasing since it reached a high of $0.326 on August 2. The move resembles a correction, which suggests that XRP will make a lower low before resuming its downward trend. Top of the Upward Move? The XRP price has been increasing since March 13. On April 30, the price reached […]

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Chainlink long-term Price Analysis: 13 August

Although the journey for many altcoins in the market has been rough and volatile lately, Chainlink has continued to register high returns across the market. Given its weak correlation with the world’sThe post Chainlink long-term Price Analysis: 13 Augu…

Why This Trader Expects XRP to Hit $0.75 in The Coming Weeks

XRP’s price has been facing growing selling pressure, which has caused it to lose the momentum that was previously driving it higher It now appears to be well-positioned to see further short-term downside, as the cryptocurrency has been struggling to break above its resistance at $0.30 Despite this short-term weakness, analysts still believe that the […]

STEEM, Binance Coin, XRP Price Analysis: 13 August

The beginning of the week saw many of the market’s cryptos struggle under pressure. While most of these cryptos followed Bitcoin’s trend of falling prices, other small altcoins acted independently andThe post STEEM, Binance Coin, XRP Price Analysis: 13…

Bitcoin short-term Price Analysis: 13 August

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Bitcoin’s decline down toThe post Bitcoin short-term Price Analysis: 13 Augus…