Hey there, 

Guest posting can help you reach new readers that can help you develop your site and further interest in your products and services.

So, If you enjoy writing you are welcome to share your thoughts or research articles, hot tip articles so on so forth feel free to contact me with your idea for article. 

Here is a quick guideline that I use for Great Guest Post articles.
  • At least 3 to 4 paragraphs for the article and must in someway be connected to the topic of Crypto. Related Topic article would be like “Canadian city now accepting Crypto for tax payments”  while  “A Canadian City accepted Dimes for tax payment” Does not quite relate to Crypto.
  • The traffic of the site is quite diverse with visitors coming from all over the world. Please try to be aware of the diversity and potential cultural differences when writing your article.
  • No Deadlines ( no pressure) but if material is no longer relevant than it may be excluded.
  • You may use links that point back to your site or in reference to the sources you used when researching the article.
  • A link back to the article on PaulCrypto.com from your site.

A helpful hint – when crafting your article, if your topic is in regards to developments or products related to a specific country then identify this near the begining  of the article like ” Today in the US….”,  “Canadians are great and here is why….”. 

This helps you target your article readership and helps readers from getting frustrated by reading an article and not discovering if it applies to them or only discovering at the bottom of the article.
Once again I look forward to reading and publishing your article .